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30 Years…Looking Back

Everyday I walk into my office I am greeted by 9 serious looking faces staring down at me. No not our secretaries, (they are lovely and often too busy to pay much attention to me). I am greeted by 9 … Continue reading

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Enough is enough…for now

When I started writing this blog in anticipation of assuming my new role as principal, I intended this to be a space for me to chronicle my impressions, struggles and victories in the job.  At first I found it very … Continue reading

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Getting Our Hands Dirty

The next week is going to be very interesting at Pope as we have a chance to do something that teachers rarely get a chance to do. We get to actually do something with our ideas. Now don’t get me … Continue reading

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The best educational tool…the mirror!

This past week was a big one for Pope. I guess it was not so much a big week but more a week that we had been leading up to. We had our District Review this week as 18 administrators … Continue reading

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One Down…

We started semester 2 today and so we are officially just past the halfway point of the academic school year; a perfect time to reflect a bit on the year so far and to look forward to things to come … Continue reading

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