Cool Stuff

This Page will contain reviews of exciting, versatile and COOL educational tools. I have always said that this is easily the most exciting time to be a teacher and I envy those that get to find ways to incorporate these tools into a classroom. Since I entered administration I describe myself as an EDUCATIONAL AMPUTEE as a I still feel the itch of the classroom especially when I find or hear about a great tool that could be used in the classroom. These things will be talked about here.


This certainly counts as COOL STUFF when it comes to education and just presenting and sharing ideas in general. This is a site where you create your own collection of ideas and sites and allow for viewing. Very cool in that you can embed the canvas in most sites (unfortunately not on WORDPRESS, ironic I know!!) , and this allows you to edit and add to the presentation in one central place and then have it changed everywhere you have embedded it.

This is a canvas outlining many of the things that are associated with Project NeXt that is central to the PD development around 21st Century Learning at the TCDSB. I was lucky enough to be a part of the writing team that introduced the idea of NeXt and it is exciting to see it develop.

I think this has the possibility of replacing things like powerpoint because it allows for much easier placement of videos and websites etc. Still though a great way for students to collect artifacts of things they like and then have peers view and comment. Very COOL.


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