LEGO my spelling lesson

Just a quick blog post here to reflect and share a great learning moment I had with my son last night. Cooper is in grade 1 and has a list of 5-6 spelling words each week that he has to memorize and then complete a test on Fridays. I sincerely wish the words chosen would have some sort of distinguishable theme that would line up with the other work he is doing in school, and perhaps it does, but until my wife or I discover it we have to come up with ways to bring the words to life.

Luckily my wife is an amazing grade 1 teacher and so come pre-equipped with a full arsenal of manipulatives and tools that us secondary folks just don’t have. Given this we have gotten into the practice of using magnetic plastic letters to help him with his words. It has been great and a weekly session that I truly enjoy but last night we looked to kick it up a notch.

Over the March break the family went to see The LEGO Movie and it was great but it got me thinking about the creative power of Lego. I then searched the Apple APP Store for a LEGO movie app and found a great one. LEGO Movie Maker is a free app that allows you to make your own stop-motion movie and it is designed for kids to use. Step-by-step and dead simple. We made a quick movie using some Lego figures and we will certainly be producing an epic over the summer break, but last night we decided to bring the spelling words to life. Here is the end result.

This took no longer than 15 minutes to make and now Cooper has a great video, (on YouTube) that he can use to study his words. You tell me, do you think he will be more willing to study this way, or by sitting with his book and reciting back to Mom or Dad?

Just wanted to share as it was a great experience for a teacher that does not get nearly enough of a chance to teach any more.

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One Response to LEGO my spelling lesson

  1. Great share, will definetly try that with my son and my students in the classroom. I can see this being used for math as well and creating 3D objects using linking cubes. Thanks

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