LL April 21.2013

My first Live Learning tweet and post is about one of the coolest, (and spookiest!), things I have learned in awhile. Got this one from my boss Peter Aguiar who is guru of all things app related. Seriously, I have no idea where he finds the time to dig into all these things, but I have no problem taking and using his tips.

This time it was about using Google Cloud Printing. Let me start by saying that I am an absolute GOOGLE DOCS disciple. Hard to believe but I really did not start using DOCS until this school year and now I rarely go a day without using it in some way.

Anyhow, turns out that you can set up Google Cloud Printing from within your Google Account (Chrome Browser) and what it does is find and save all the printers that you have connected to your computer (as long as they are available online), and stores them to the cloud. What does this mean? Basically it means that you can print from anywhere in the world, from any device to whatever printer you have access to!! This is a ridiculous idea and one that even allows you to share your printer with people just like you would share a google doc. My head is literally spinning after having watched this video.

This is a real game changer but also a bit scarey. I mean who owns that printer info now? Does google now have the ability to access my home printer for something? Can it use this info to track and chronicle what I have printed? Lots of questions but I think as long as one uses caution, there is a lot of power here!

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