Live Learning

I have decided to take this whole life long learning thing to heart and to give my blog a bit more focus. I have made a New Year’s Resolution, in the middle of April!! My resolution for the rest of the school year, (at least), is to tweet about one new thing I learned that day. It will be about anything at all; possibly education or technology or something about my kids or possibly something I pick up from watching all the construction and design TV shows on HGTV. There is no limit to this but I think it is important for all educators to be overtly conscious of their own learning and to acknowledge that it is impossible to go through a day without learning. 

Like I said, I will tweet about it every day but can’t promise that I will blog about it every day. I will blog as a check in and to reflect on the whole process but also to possibly give more detail about the things I have learned or the impact that learning has had on me. Just trying something as I need to focus on my own learning if I am ever supposed to lead and impact that of others.

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